Breaking news: Hayley Cropper’s Coronation Street coffin to visit Driffield Show



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A replica of Hayley Cropper’s iconic floral cardboard coffin will be taking its own final journey over the summer, taking in the Driffield Show on Wednesday 16 July.

The Co-operative Funeralcare, who looked after Hayley’s funeral in Coronation Street, will be taking a replica of the unique coffin to various county shows across the UK over the summer to highlight the growing trend in arranging more personal funerals.

The UK’s leading funeral directors also supplied a woollen ashes casket as well as its very own funeral director, team and vehicles for the filming.

Hayley’s cardboard Summer Floral Coffin, designed and manufactured by Greenfield Creations, is part of a range of eco coffins available for funerals across the UK and can be requested at any of The Co-operative Funeralcare’s 900 funeral homes nationwide. Hayley’s original coffin is on display on the official Coronation Street Tour.

A wide range of bio-degradable, eco coffins are available and can be personalised to reflect the life of the individual. Wicker, woollen and cardboard coffins can all be personalised, as well as more traditional wooden coffins.

Paul Hilton, Funeral Director for The Co-operative Funeralcare, who carried out the funeral in the soap, said: “Just like Hayley Cropper in Coronation Street, many families like to symbolise their loved one’s hobbies or occupation by selecting an alternative to a traditional coffin or casket in order to reflect this.

“We were involved from a very early stage in the planning of Hayley’s funeral and made a suggestion to personalise the dress of the funeral directors with red ties when the red theme emerged in tribute to Hayley’s famous red coat.

“It was great to be involved and a fantastic opportunity to show how funerals can be personalised these days.”

David Collingwood, Operations Director UK North for The Co-operative Funeralcare, said: “We are committed to providing families with a wide range of options and choices to help them create a fitting tribute for their loved one. Logos, colours, pictures, words and flowers can all be used to personalise a coffin and this can be done really affordably, particularly with cardboard coffins, which are bio-degradable and made from recycled material from British mills.

“The choice of coffin is just one way in which a funeral can be tailored along with alternative hearses and personal choices for music, flowers and dress are all ways which more and more people are choosing to personalise a loved ones funeral.”

Hayley Cropper’s Summer Floral Casket will be on tour at the following shows throughout the summer:

• Kent Show - 11 - 13 July

• Driffield Show - 16 July

• New Forest and Hampshire Show - 29 - 31 July

• Cranleigh County Show - 2 August

• Bakewell Show - 6 - 7 August

• Westmorland Show - 11 September

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