Wasps, dogs and rats - the problem with pests

Coun Stephen Parnaby with dog Warden Kim Hogg and a stray

Coun Stephen Parnaby with dog Warden Kim Hogg and a stray

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East Riding of Yorkshire Council has issued new figures for the numbers of stray dogs, wasp nests, rats and mice that it deals with.

The figures show that while the number of strays is going down, there has been a jump in the number of reports about dangerous dogs.

As the dog and pest officers went on patrol, they were joined by Councillor Stephen Parnaby OBE, leader of the council.

He said: “The team deals with some of the most challenging issues facing the council, like dog fouling. Huge efforts are being made to tackle this issue, including pooling the resources of this council with those of the town and parish councils.

“So far, more than 30 local councils have taken part in the scheme we launched in November, the first of its type in the country, and 15 more have expressed an interest. The aim of the scheme is to enforce the message that irresponsible dog owners who fail to clean up the mess could end up in court.”

Last year the number of reports of stray dogs continued to fall, down to 859 from the peak of 1,008 strays in 2009. Reports of barking dogs last year was 547 compared with 562 in the previous year.

The number of reports of dangerous or out of control dogs rose from 149 in 2012 to 185 last year.

The numbers of £75 fixed penalty notices being imposed has been rising. Since April, the wardens have issued six £75 fixed penalty notices on dog walkers who failed to clean up after their dog, compared with 21 notices for the whole of last year.

In May, patrols witnessed dog fouling incidents in Goole, Mappleton and Beverley and imposed fixed penalty notices. Failure to pay the notices can result in the dog walker being taken to court where the maximum fine is £1,000.

A fixed penalty notice was imposed in April on a dog walker in Hessle who allowed his dog into an excluded area, a children’s play park. During the whole of last year there were five fixed penalty notices for allowing dogs into excluded areas, four of which were on the beaches.

The number of reports of rats and mice last year dropped to 535. Last year the council dealt with 972 wasp nests compared with 650 in 2012. Wasp numbers depend on the weather, including the severity of the winter.

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