Shock news: EYMS to close Driffield bus depot to save money



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The Hull-based family-owned bus company, EYMS Group, has today announced, with great regret, plans to close its depot at Driffield to reduce its overhead costs following significant cuts in the funding the company receives from central and local governments.

All the routes currently operated from the depot will be reallocated to other EYMS depots with only very minor changes and the Company hopes that as many as possible of the current staff at Driffield can be found work elsewhere in the company as overall there will be no reduction in driver requirements.

An additional factor is that through no fault of the staff at Driffield, timekeeping on the depot’s main route, EYMS’ major trunk route 121 between Hull and Scarborough, has suffered badly in recent years from the lowering of many rural speed limits, increasing numbers of traffic signals, and delays caused by traffic congestion, slow-moving vehicles and roadworks. Basing the buses and drivers at the large depots at each end of the route instead of in the middle at Driffield will give better control by making it much easier to substitute buses and drivers when a journey runs late.


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