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Dear Mr. Proctor,

Having heard the news of the proposed removal of the hardstone setts from Beverley Market Place on Radio 4, my wife and I decided to make one of our regular visits to Beverley last Saturday and remind ourselves of why we so much enjoy our visits.

Compared with Scarborough it is a delight to wander round the shops in Beverley which are many and varied and do not all display the logo of branches of shops belonging to a national chain.

What is more is there is not a profusion of empty shop premises. The local retailers are cheerful and courteous and it is a pleasure to do business with them.

We enjoyed lunch at a lovely restaurant and once again the service and quality of the food was excellent.

But why do we so much enjoy Beverley? It is a most attractive town that has retained its charm and architecture. Beverley is unique in what it has to offer the casual visitor or tourists.

The Minster and St. Mary’s alone are very special indeed but it is the ambience of the whole town that gives the visitor a wonderful experience.

Once they tear up the hardstone setts as advocated by Councillor Parnaby it will be the starting point to ‘modernise’ your beautiful town and some of the magic will be lost for ever.

As my wife and I walked through the market place we found it very difficult to envisage the destruction of one of Beverley’s prime features.

Yours sincerely,

Keith D. Taylor - Scarborough

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