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A group of neighbours from Kelleythorpe are hoping to set up their own residents’ association to tackle issues surrounding the building of 38 new homes on their doorstep.

Plans for the homes have been put forward by East Yorkshire building firm Peter Ward Homes on land adjacent to Auchinleck Close.

But the local residents are concerned that the new development could cause flooding and traffic problems, among other issues.

They have arranged a public meeting this Friday in order to look into setting up a residents’ association.

Auchinleck Close resident Martin Taylor, who will chair the meeting, said the association would tackle other issues, not just those to do with the new homes.

“Now is the best time to set up the residents’ association because of the issues that a lot of people have with the Peter Ward development.”

He added: “Everyone who is dealing with setting this up is new to it. The idea is to get the residents’ association into motion then hopefully it will gather momentum.”

Speaking at the meeting will be Fiona Turner, from East Riding Voluntary Action Services, who will explain the benefits of having a residents’ association and how it works.

It’s hoped the association’s committee members will be elected at the meeting, which takes place at Kirkburn Village Hall, from 7.30pm.

At a meeting staged by Kirkburn Parish Council in May residents expressed concern about the potential effect on existing properties of the proposed raising of the levels of the development site.

Residents were worried that the proposed infill of the site to enable this development to take place would impact on the current drainage routes for both ground and surface water runoff, increasing flood risks to existing properties.

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