Old folks tea needs your sympathy

Driffield Town Council - Mayor Making Ceremony 2014.

Driffield Town Council - Mayor Making Ceremony 2014.

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The Driffield old folks tea may soon be no more - unless it wins support from the town’s senior citizens.

The once popular tradition reaches its 70th anniversary in just two years.

But attendances are continuing to decline year on year.

The free meal and entertainment event is open to residents of Driffield and Little Driffield over 70.

Last year, of the 300 people invited only half that number turned up to enjoy the occasion.

Driffield’s new mayor, Coun Phil Stocker, said that without support from the town’s elderly there was no point in holding the event

During the annual mayor making ceremony, he named the old folks tea as one of his charities for the year

He said: “Some people are saying it is on the way out because the attendance is down.
“But we still entertained 150 old folks last year.

“Surely it is worth supporting.

Coun Stocker said: “I particularly appeal to the senior citizens of the town to support it with their attendance - because without them there is no point in doing it.

He added: “I think that in two years time it will be the 70th and that’s when we will make decisions.

“If it tends to fall we may consider stopping it then but I think probably by that time there will be younger people taking over and hopefully it will continue.”

Coun Stocker said the event that people lovingly referred to as the Driffield Old folks tea was also is in need of re rename because it sounded very old fashioned.

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