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in memoriam

in memoriam

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A funeral service was held at St Mary’s Church, Little Driffield on Thursday, 7 August for the late Mr Jack Marsden who died in Lavender Court on 17 July, 2014. He was 87.

The service was conducted by the Rev Andrew Ison & the organist was Chris Wynn.

Jack was born in Stanningly in Leeds on 22nd April, 1927. He was one of five children born to Matilda and Thomas Marsden, in addition to Jack there was Alfred, Freda, Arthur, Edna and Dorothy. Dorothy is the only surviving sibling.

Jack grew up and attended school in Stanningly. After leaving school he found an apprenticeship with a local engineering firm. He then did his National Service serving in Egypt.

He married Jean in Pudsey in 1949. They went on to have five children, Graham, Barbara, Jeffrey, Tony and David, later ten grandchildren and fifteen great grandchildren.

After completing his National Service he worked as an insurance agent for a while before enlisting in the RAF as a policeman. The family spent time in Northern Ireland, Singapore, Faldingworth and Waddington in Lincolnshire, Cyprus, Plymouth and finally Staxton. He came out of the RAF and they moved to Nafferton and he took up work at Leconfield as a civil servant.

They later moved to live in St Margaret’s Close in Driffield and then to their final home in Mill Falls.

He retired in 1965 and they made lots of plans but sadly Jean died in 1997. He later married again to Lyndis but she too sadly died. He eventually became close friends with Nessa and they enjoyed holidays and days out together.

He enjoyed film and video. He loved gardening and grew all the vegetables needed for Jean’s cooking. He loved growing chrysanthemums, carnations and fuschias and won several prizes for these. Jack and Jean used to attend the Spalding Flower Festival every year.

Jack also had a love of raising money for charity and received a commendation for doing so whilst in Cyprus. He had a strong link with the church and was church warden at St Mary’s from 1994 until 2000.

He will be greatly missed.

Family Mourners: Graham Marsden (son), Barbara Biddle (daughter), Jeffrey & Jackie Marsden (son and daughter in law), Tony & Laura Marsden (son and daughter in law), David & Mandy Marsden (son and daughter in law), Nessa Short (close friend and companion), Claire Marsden & Simon Duke (granddaughter & partner), Emily Duke (great-granddaughter), Mike & Shoshana Marsden (grandson and wife), Jacob & Kitty Marsden (great grandchildren), Kelly Marsden & David Briggs (granddaughter & partner), Jordan, Megan, Jack, and Morgan Briggs (great grandchildren), Melanie Marsden & Claire Woodward (granddaughters) Ellie-Mae Marsden, Emma & Lucy Woodward (great granddaughters), Paul Marsden & John Marsden (grandsons), Tony & Laura Biddle (grandson and wife), Zak & Harry Biddle (great grandsons), Lisa Isaias (granddaughter) Isabella & Ondrei Isaias (great grandchildren) Mr & Mrs A & D Basson (sister and husband).

Mr & Mrs J R Wooler (Sister and Brother in law), Ian & Sarah Wooler (nephew and wife), Robert & Franco Wooler (nephew and great nephew), Mr J R Wooler (nephew), Mr & Mrs Oakley Wooler (niece and husband), Mr J Marsden (Cousin), Mr & Mrs G Marsden, Lynne Owen (Niece).

Others present: Mrs J Cookson, Mrs Marjorie Clubley rep Mrs Betty Taylor, Mrs Jackie Oshea, David Trow, Pat Ramsey, Tom Armstrong, Susan Duke, Andrew Gaines, Kathleen Johnson, Peggy Byas, Dorothy Pinkney, Mr & Mrs B Jacklyn, Mr M Rhodes, Mr John Forrester rep British Legion Paula Hollingsworth rep Mrs Pat Raines.

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