YORSwitch Cheaper Heating Oil Together saves residents 10p per litre on their first order

heating oil

heating oil

Villagers around Driffield are making important savings on heating oils, thanks to an initiative involving the East Riding of Yorkshire Council.

The first YORSwitch Heating Oil Together order has proved to be a success with members saving about 10p per litre on their heating oil, based on the highest price offered per 500 litres at the time of order.

In partnership with East Riding of Yorkshire Council, the charity Humber and Wolds Rural Community Council (HWRCC) is delivering the YORSwitch, Cheaper Heating Oil Together Scheme, with free membership still available for the first 100 members.

The scheme aims to save its members money through bulk-buying heating oil for residents, community organisations and businesses across the East Riding.

Peter Hirschfeld, who coordinates the scheme at HWRCC, said: “The main benefit of bulk buying the oil is that the unit price per litre can be lower as a result of buying together at one time. Everyone in the scheme also pays the same price, so people who use less oil are not penalised with a higher cost per litre from ordering individually.

“Our members are delighted to see a saving already from the first order and have found the process easy. HWRCC makes the order and members make their own payment arrangement with the oil supplier who has provided the cheapest price.”

In some villages, local co-ordinators are working with HWRCC to promote the scheme and co-ordinate orders in their community. The volunteers undertaking these roles want to help local residents reduce heating costs and if anyone is interested in undertaking this role within their community, please contact HWRCC.

Orders are placed monthly and the deadline is the 28th of each month (due to the Christmas period the deadline for the December order will be postponed until 3rd January), but in communities where the scheme is led by a local coordinator the date may differ, so please check.

New members are eligible to place an order in the same month they join the scheme, as long as they submit their application form two weeks prior to the ordering deadline. The minimum order required is 500 litres.

The first 100 households to join the scheme will receive free membership and a few free places are still available. Full details and the membership application form can be downloaded from the HWRCC web site www.hwrcc.org.uk or contact the charity for more information on 01430 430904 or email oil@hwrcc.org.uk.

Savings depend on market forces, supply and demand, but members can be confident that all the savings will be passed onto them.




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