Woman found with noose around her neck

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A 30 year-old former Driffield woman was found hanged after her boyfriend killed himself, an inquest heard.

Corrina Louise Lowe was found dead at her flat on 11 October last year, slumped in a bedroom doorway with a noose made from a dressing gown cord around her neck.

Police were called to Ms Lowe’s address after two friends reported concerns for her safety after visiting the ground floor flat to find no answer at the door, the curtains closed and Ms Lowe’s dog in the porch.

The pair, called Ms Lowe’s phone and heard it ringing inside the flat, but no one came to answer the door.

They contacted the police, thinking it was strange that Ms Lowe would leave her dog alone.

Police gained entrance to the flat at around 5.30pm by breaking a door window and discovered Ms Lowe’s body inside.

Paramedics were called but Ms Lowe was pronounced dead.

Dr Richmnond, consultant Histopathologist, concluded that Ms Lowe may have been dead for one or two days before she was found.

According to friends, Ms Lowe was very depressed around the beginning of October after her boyfriend, Dean Swift, killed himself at Full Sutton Prison.

Mr Swift was convicted of murder in 2011, though Ms Lowe continued to protest his innocence right up until her death.

Coroners in Cambridge contacted the Humber NHS Trust saying they had concerns that Ms Lowe may try to harm herself following the news of Mr Swift’s death.

Ms Lowe,who lived in Driffield before moving to Bridlington, was subject to a police welfare check before the Humber Foundation NHS Trust Crisis Team contacted her on 8 October to check she was alright and ask whether she would like to use NHS mental health services.

Ms Lowe, who seemed lucid on the phone declined to take the details of mental health services and said she was feeling a lot better.

Dr Richmond said that Ms Lowe’s alcohol reading was 216 milligrams, more then twice the legal drink drive limit, and as a result it was more then likely that Ms Lowe’s judgement was impaired at the time of her death.

Dr Richmond explained that Ms Lowe would have slipped into unconsciousness within a few seconds and that apart from a small trace of cannabis, no other drugs were found in her system including her prescribed anti-depressants.

The court heard that Lowe had been diagnosed with schizophrenia in 2003 and had a history with drug and alcohol misuse.

Ms Lowe had spent periods living rough since her diagnosis, self harmed over the years and had reported hearing voices to her doctor.

Summing up coroner Geoffrey Saul explained that he believed Ms Lowe put the noose around her neck but because of the lack of a suicide note, the amount of alcohol in her system, and the fact that she hung herself in a sitting position, he could not conclude beyond all doubt that she intentionally took the decision to end her own life.

Giving his narrative conclusion Mr Saul said; “Corrina Louise Lowe was found deceased at her home on 11 October. She died from hanging at her own hand. The question of her intent remains uncertain.”

He added: “To all those affected by the death of Corrina I offer my condolences.”

Police confirmed there were no suspicious circumstances surrounding Ms Lowe’s death.

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