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Jane Evison

Jane Evison

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Councillors on the East Riding of Yorkshire Council Planning Committee have voted to refuse the application by Airvolution Energy Limited to build four wind turbines at Demming Farm, Fraisthorpe - amid fears that they would affect Burton Agnes Hall.

The application received objections from a number of the surrounding parish councils and local objectors and it was considered by planning officers that it would have a detrimental effect on Burton Agnes Hall.

However. committee members felt there were added reasons for refusal - citing the number of wind turbines and wind farms already having received approval in the area.

Ward Councillors Jane Evison and Jonathan Owen also voiced their objections to the application saying not only would it impact on the significantly important site of Burton Agnes Hall but the whole area was becoming over run with wind turbines.

Coun Evison said:

“I am of course very aware of the need to provide renewable energy but I remain unconvinced that wind turbines are the best way to approach this problem and very concerned about the number of wind turbines going up in this area.

“We have surely reached the position now where enough is enough and this part of the country has more than done its bit”

Coun Owen added:

“I am delighted at the planning committee’s unanimous decision to refuse the application. We have more than our fair share of turbines in this area and as far as I’m concerned offshore should be the future for such projects.

“I hope now that the planning inspectorate heed government advice to listen to local views should any appeal be lodged”

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