Speeding biker caught by police

Gavel and scales

Gavel and scales

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A motorcyclist was caught by road traffic police breaking the speed limit by over 30 miles an hour.

Kevin Michael Gates, 44, of Woldholme Avenue in Driffield admitted to driving a motorcycle along the B1249 at 94 miles an hour.

The offence took place in the afternoon of Sunday 21 July last year, Bridlington magistrates heard on Wednesday 22 January.

It was said in court that a police officer spotted a “silver motorcycle with a large rider” coming from the direction of Scarborough and continuing to Driffield on the B1249.

The officer followed the motorcycle and saw it overtaking a few vehicles before riding into Langtoft.

After the village the police officer, still following the bike, conducted a speed check on the motorcycle.

The check read that it was travelling at 94 miles an hour over a distance of 0.4966 of a mile.

The offence was witnessed at Cottam, when the officer began the speed check.

The speed limit is 60 miles an hour along that stretch of road.

In a statement of mitigation read out to magistrates, Gates said: “I had allowed myself to be going faster than the permitted speed.

“I realise it was a stupid thing to be going at 94 mph on a road.

“On reflection I did sell the bike as I value my driving licence.

“I apologise to the court for my stupid actions.”

He asked the court to take into account the fact that he needs his driving licence for his work when deciding a sentence.

He currently holds a clean drivers licence.

Presiding magistrate Mike Bowman said the case would be adjourned until Wednesday 5 February at 10am.

He said the magistrates were considering imposing a discretionary disqualification on Gates for the offence of speeding.

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