Road safety fears in Garton

Garton councillors raise fears about traffic

Garton councillors raise fears about traffic

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Concerned parish councillors in Garton on the Wolds have renewed calls for traffic calming measures to stem the hazardous tide of fast moving vehicles which pass through the village every day.

They said that the results of a traffic speed survey were “alarming” - with more than 80% of vehicles entering or leaving the village at well above the 30mph speed limit.

Now the council has asked for a meeting with highway officials to discuss a “way forward”.

“In recent memory, there have been at least two major incidents - one resulting in the death of a child, the other in serious injury to an older cyclists,” said the parish council in a letter to the East Riding of Yorkshire Council.

“In our opinion, the most satisfactory installation would be a pedestrian crossing with warning signs well before it from both sides.

“This would provide a safe crossing point, as well as making traffic ease up.

“If a buffer speed limit could be introduced before drivers reach Garton Hill from the east and possibly 400 yards before the western start of the village these might have an effect.

“Most acceptable it seems to us, in terms of what might be a workable, economical and achievable solution, is the use of speed warning signs that tell drivers when they are over the speed limit.”

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