Road adoption gift for village residents

church walk

church walk

After a protracted period of pressure and behind the scenes work, Driffield Councillors have successfully persuaded the East Riding of Yorkshire Council to adopt a cul-de-sac road in Little Driffield.

Usually when a development is completed, the developer will finish the highway off to an adoptable standard and then apply for the highway to be taken over by the highway authority.

In the case of Church Walk, Little Driffield, it is alleged by the East Riding of Yorkshire Council that the developer failed to progress the adoption of the roadway even though the structure of the road was of the correct standard.

Coun Symon Fraser, who represents the Driffield ward, said: “It took us a long time to get the highways authority to agree to take on the road, reductions in Government grant funding to local authorities puts pressure on all budget areas including highway maintenance.

“As a result there is a reluctance for the Council to take on additional maintenance liabilities, but in this case I am pleased to be able to say that by working with the residents in a calm and persistent way we have persuaded the ERYC to take on the road”.

Coun Felicity Temple added: “It was a complicated process and particular thanks go to local Little Driffield resident Dr Patrick Foulk who did an amazing amount of homework to assist the plight of his neighbours.

“The important thing is that the residents of Church Walk now do not have the liability of the highway hanging over their mortgage arrangements.”

Coun Barbara Hall said: “Although Church Walk is only a very modest cul-de-sac it has been a long and tortuous route to adoption but I am delighted that we have been able to deliver this early Christmas present to the residents.”




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