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East Riding of Yorkshire Council is reminding those who need permits to use the Driffield household waste recycling sites that they are due for renewal.

The council is issuing new-style permits that do not have an end date and allow the holder to drop off garden waste without having to use one of the permits. The changes are being brought in from 1 April.

Residents can get six permits each year to use their large trailer or commercial type vehicles to take their own household waste to the sites. Commercial waste is not accepted at any of the sites.

The new permits no longer have an expiry date. Previously users had to apply for permits each year regardless of whether they had any remaining.

Permit holders taking only garden waste, such as hedge trimmings and grass cuttings, to any of the sites no longer have to hand in one of their permits. Instead they show their new garden waste pass, issued with all the new permits, to an attendant before they tip waste.

Applications for renewal can be made online by visiting There is no longer any need to attach documentation such as the V5C. Forms can also be downloaded from the council’s website For further information, visit or call (01482) 393939.

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