Plan to re-open community centre mooted

Trevor Green (pastor), John Beevors (assistant pastor)

Trevor Green (pastor), John Beevors (assistant pastor)

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A Beverley man is campaigning to reopen the Samman Road Community Centre following its closure three years ago.

The building is currently up for sale for £300,000 and Trevor Green, manager of the nearby CHAT Shop believes the building should be brought back into community use.

Trevor approached the town council on Monday night to ask whether they would consider buying or renting the building, saying The New Harvest Church, of which he is a pastor, would contribute up to £6,000 per year towards the building’s running costs.

Although the council was generally positive towards the idea, councillors decided further consultations would be required before it could consider backing the project.

In order to conduct such a consultation the council intend to write to the local authority to ask them to extend their deadline for informal tenders, which currently falls on 28 February.

Trevor said: “I would be very sad if this excellent facility was bulldozed and turned into flats or used for some other purpose.

“We need this kind of facility to help people in the Swinemoor estate. The church would be prepared to contribute £6,000 per year towards the building’s upkeep as long as we could use it for some functions and on a Sunday morning and I am sure there would be other groups prepared to contribute.”

Although still at a very early stage, councillors plan to ask Beverley residents for their opinion on re-opening the community centre at its council meet and greet stall at Beverley Market on 25 January.

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