Northern Gas Networks contribute to Driffield Methodist Church schoolroom refurbishment

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Northern Gas Networks has completed a £40,000 investment in their distribution network in Driffield - replacing metal mains with durable plastic pipes to ensure a safe and reliable supply to the residents and businesses.

This essential work required a location for storage of materials and this was provided at no cost by Driffield Methodist Church - containers being parked on the Middle Street North car park.

In recognition of this gesture, Northern Gas Networks have made a contribution of £1,100 towards the essential upgrade of the Driffield Methodist Schoolroom facilities.

The work includes the central heating, lighting, flooring in the utility areas, replacement of the flat roof and skylights, new kitchen and improved ablutions.

The Schoolroom is an important community building that provides space for the Driffield Methodist Playgroup, Guides, Slimming World, Zumba, Rugrats, Karate, and private parties. The trustees are keen to ensure it is a safe, energy efficient, and pleasant space that can be enjoyed by all that utilise its facilities, and this is the basis of the upgrade programme.

Representatives of Northern Gas Networks presented the cheque for £1100 to the DMC Treasurer, Ann Bradshaw, in the company of members of the DMC Custodian Committee. Driffield Methodist Church is extremely grateful to Northern Gas Networks for their valuable support of this community facility.

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