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A Driffield man who tried to import illegal drugs from Pakistan has been handed a six-month jail sentence, suspended for one year.

Gary Sach, 48, used the internet to order more than 1,000 diazepam tablets which were supposed to be delivered from Pakistan to his home on Adelphi Street.

But the parcel was intercepted by the police, East Riding Magistrates’ Court heard.

Prosecuting, Andrew Stirling said the tablets had a street value of £1 each, and that Sach had a previous conviction for possession of an illegal drug with intent to supply.

But the court heard that Sach had ordered the tablets for his own personal use after becoming addicted to diazepam while being prescribed it by his doctor over more than two years.

Mitigating, Ed Cunnah said: “The doctor took him off the tablets but he had considerable withdrawal symptoms.

“When a friend told him he could buy that sort of thing on the internet he didn’t think beyond whether it was able to be imported legally.”

Although the doctor had given him an alternative prescription following the diazepam, this was to treat anxiety and depression after the death of his father and not for treating the withdrawal from diazepam, said Mr Cunnah.

The court heard that Sach is a carer for his 80-year-old mother. He paid £96 for the tablets, which he claimed would have tided him over for between eight and 12 months. District Judge Frederick Rutherford told him: “You did it because of your medical condition, but if you continue as you are your condition will put you in immediate custody.” Sach pleaded guilty to being concerned in the fraudulent evasion of a prohibition on the importation of a class C drug. He was also ordered to pay £80 costs and an £80 victim surcharge.

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