Labour to Abolish Police and Crime Commissioners

George McManus

George McManus

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Local campaigners have welcomed news that Ed Miliband is planning to abolish Police and Crime Commissioners, if Labour is elected next year.

The change would see local PCC Matthew Grove and his assistant Paul Robinson lose their posts only 4 years after being introduced.

The news was released in the Sunday Mirror where a senior Party source has revealed that under the proposals, the posts would be abolished in 2016

after only one term of office.

Speaking today Beverley Labour’s George McManus said, ‘This is good news. The Government’s attempts to politicise the police force were wrong and have started to unravel.

These posts were imposed in order to cover up the fact that the government have been slashing police officer numbers and leaving our communities in more danger than ever before. We must now ensure that the replacements for the PCCs are based on operating a truly transparent police service which serves the community and not the government of the day.’

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