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robin cook

robin cook

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A Driffield man has launched a new recrtuitment agency - with his son as business manager

Robin Cook said that Vertex Recruitment aimed to be just the job for candidates and companies across East Yorkshire.

Mr Cook is using his management experience from sectors ranging from optical services to construction to help people get back to work.

“We know that getting the right people to do the job, is much more important than any strategy. Our experience lies in the building materials and construction, engineering and manufacturing industries,” he explained. “However the comprehensive nature of our process is transferable to just about any commercial sector. Our extensive expertise in business means we understand what makes a good candidate.”

Robin Cook will also draw on the lessons learned from his University of Hull MBA studies to place people at any stage of their careers, from first-time workers to chief executives. “Some of the people we will be working with might never have had a job before but I believe everybody has some sort of skills and it is our job to find out what they are good at,”

He said. “There are some wonderfully talented people out there but they don’t always find it easy to capture what they can do on paper, so I’m very passionate and excited about helping them.” Robin launched Vertex as Sales Director at the beginning of March.

Working with son Alex, the Business Manager, he plans to move into the managed workspace at the Lowgate Centre in Hull and then build a bright future for himself and his clients. Robin comes from Driffield, starting his career at Vertex Optical after leaving school in 1975. “Vertex owes me so much from how I progressed my career and it seemed only right that my own business should emulate the company that taught me so much” After a long career in construction supplies, Robin moved to Hull before embarking on his MBA.

He said: “It was hard work but the achievement gives me a big advantage in terms of approaching the world of business, with a huge toolbox of knowledge to go with my network of contacts stretching to the Middle East and as far as Hong Kong, India, China, The Philippines, Africa, USA and The Dominican Republic.” From its Hull base, the company plans to work with candidates and companies across the region, focusing on customer service to stand out from the competition.

Robin said: “There are about 30 different recruitment companies in this area but our experience in various management roles coupled with a commitment to customer service gives us confidence to succeed. We anticipate building a successful team of full-time recruiters over the next three years.We looked at other locations around the UK but were drawn to Hull because we believe that Hull is the sleeping giant and that the City of Culture will bring prosperity and fuel investment in the area”.

Hull city centre is very accessible and we are working to make new contacts within the business community. Recruitment and skills are very important to the business community in Hull and across the region and we want to create more opportunities for local people and local employers.

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