Humber NHS Foundation Trust Response to the decision on the future of Buckrose Ward

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Humber NHS Foundation Trust welcomes the decision of NHS East Riding of Yorkshire Clinical Commissioning Group to relocate the mental health beds from Buckrose Ward following a public consultation exercise.

David Snowdon, Chief Executive of Humber NHS Foundation Trust, said the Trust could now move forward with its plans to develop a Health and Wellbeing Centre at Bridlington Hospital which would benefit the wider local population.

The Health and Wellbeing Centre will enable the Trust to develop and deliver more joined-up care that fully takes into account a person’s physical, emotional and mental health needs.

Accommodation at Bridlington Hospital would also be reconfigured to deliver a wide range of clinical and psychological treatments that will enable people experiencing mental health difficulties to access services within their own communities with more support available in or near to home.

Humber NHS Foundation Trust has a vision for future services of One Person, One Plan. Work will now be undertaken to bring together existing Working Age, Older People’s and Neighbourhood Care Teams to ensure the people using our services experience fully joined-up care.

To reiterate, the benefits of these changes include:

· increased community provision for supporting the people who use our services within their own community

· improved access to community services through accessible facilities for both physical treatments and psychological interventions

· supporting the development of integrated care delivery across physical health, mental health and wellbeing services that minimises the number of stages or points of contact people have within the healthcare system

· enhancements to the current home intensive treatment model ensuring the same level of care for people across the whole of the East Riding of Yorkshire

· improving productivity by reducing duplication of resources

Planning to move patients currently residing on Buckrose Ward will now start. Humber NHS Foundation Trust will begin to implement the transition of patients from Buckrose as soon as safely possible to our existing purpose built units in the East Riding and Hull. During this process the Trust will be supporting both patients and their families.




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