Humber Bridge Farmers’ Market proves a valuable tool for local salad and vegetable producer

farmers market

farmers market

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An East Yorkshire producer has credited a local farmers’ market for helping them become more involved with the local community.

Family-run Yorkshire Grown Produce Ltd, based in Newport, started attending the monthly Humber Bridge Farmers’ Market earlier this year, selling a selection of fresh salad and vegetables. Having a stall at the event has enabled staff from the company to interact directly with consumers, which is proving beneficial to business.

Dan Bates, who runs Yorkshire Grown Produce Ltd with his wife, Josie, and her brother and sister, have added Linking Environment and Farming (LEAF) to the company’s list of accreditations. Within this standard, there is a need to have involvement with the local community, which is why they thought the Humber Bridge Farmers’ Market was a great opportunity, as Dan explains …

“When we decided to go ahead and get more involved with our community, attending local farmers’ markets seemed a great way of doing this. The monthly event at the Humber Bridge was the first one to come up in the calendar and was closest to us. At the moment, it’s the only one that we attend.

“We have started to build up a rapport with the people who attend the market and we’ve received positive comments about the quality of our produce. We are seeing a significant amount of repeat business and people are requesting specific products, because they remember it from the previous market.”

Established last year, Yorkshire Grown Produce Ltd has two growing sites based in Burstwick and Newport, along with a purpose-built, temperature-controlled packing facility. The company grows aubergines, cucumbers, speciality peppers and various different types of tomatoes.

The majority of its products make their way to the retailers through other third-party packers, with products ending up on the shelves of most major retailers. Some produce is also sent to wholesale markets.

Dan added: “The best bit about attending the Humber Bridge Farmers’ Market is being able to speak to the consumers about our products and explaining to them about the different types of products that we grow.

“It’s also good to get feedback, as we are always looking to develop new products. We have tried chilli pot plants before, as well as pak choi and okra, to name a few. Knowing what the consumer wants helps us bring something new to the market place, as well as offering a better alternative to an already present product.”

Dan and Josie from Yorkshire Grown Produce Ltd will be at the next Humber Bridge Farmers’ Market, which will return to the bridge viewing area in Hessle, on Sunday 6th July from 9am to 1pm.

They will be selling cucumbers, aubergines, green bell peppers, sweet pointed peppers (in red, yellow and orange), round tomatoes, baby plum tomatoes and cherry tomatoes on the vine. For the first time, they will also be bringing along some of the baby sweet peppers that they grow, to give the consumers an even wider choice.  

Featuring more than 100 stalls selling the best in seasonal, regional produce, and with a dedicated section for arts and crafts, the event has become the largest of its kind in the region and is attended by in excess of 5,000 people monthly.

Neil Marshall, Head of Resources at the Humber Bridge, said:

“The addition of businesses such as Yorkshire Grown Produce Ltd to the Humber Bridge Farmers’ Market only adds to our growing reputation for providing fresh, seasonal produce.

“People love to know where their food comes from, so it’s great that visitors to the market can meet the people behind the produce and know they are supporting a local business.”

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