Getting in the spirit for Fathers’ Day

Andrew Ison Pictured by Pam Stanforth ps1216-14a

Andrew Ison Pictured by Pam Stanforth ps1216-14a

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Father’s Day will have an unusual twist at All Saints’ Church this year.

All the men present at the 10.45am family celebration on Sunday will be given a can of beer in recognition of Father’s Day.

The vicar, Andrew Ison said: “On Mothering Sunday all the ladies present get a small bunch of flowers so it seemed only fair that on Father’s day we should do something similar.

“Many churches have been known to give out Mars Bars, although I think Yorkies would be appropriate, but I have to say you can really light up a man’s face when you give him a beer.

“I love a beer so I confess a bit of self-interest.”

Many believe that Father’s day is just an invention of the greetings card manufacturers and Rev Ison said: “It is true, there is no Biblical reason for Father’s day in the same way that there is for Mothering Sunday but they have appropriated Christmas and Easter from the church so we are merely borrowing Father’s Day to celebrate that part of life and the recognition that Christians believe that God is our Father.”

Asked if he would be repeating the gift at next year’s Father’s day service the Rev Ison said: “I will have to think about as the cat is now out of the bag but if men came to church they would be sure to receive something. I am also quite partial to a bacon butty.”

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