Former Beverley schoolboy thrilled at BAFTA nomination

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A former Beverley school boy appeared at one of the country’s top children’s entertainment awards recently for his presenting work on children’s television.

Ben Shires, who attended Longcroft School, was nominated for a Children’s BAFTA for his CBBC show ‘Officially Amazing’.

Despite becoming a qualified lawyer Ben pursued a career in entertainment, a move which appears to have paid off.

This is not Ben’s first brush with awards success though, he recently won a LAFTA award for his weekly podcast broadcast on digital TV channel Dave.

Ben said: “It was absolutely brilliant to be nominated, it’s a fantastic job and I really get a buzz out of the records, but to have other people enjoying something that you do is great.

“Credit should also go to Simon Welton and everyone at Lion for reinvigorating the Guinness World Records format, they have record of making great children’s television.

“I just found law to be very dull, I had an inspirational law teacher at Longcroft School but by the time I had finished university my heart wasn’t in it and when I saw there were opportunities to do more creative things down in London I had to give it a go.”

Ben’s dad John said: “Ben spent a lot of time studying to be a lawyer and moved down to London so it was a bit of a shock when he said he wanted to work in entertainment.

“He started as a runner on TV programmes, ran his own world cup website and entered a number of TV presenter competitions. He’s a talented writer too and has written for the 
Huffington Post.

“I’m very proud of him, it’s not the path I expected him to take but I’m so happy about what he has achieved.”

Ben, is also known for his unusual fashion sense and writing for Vintage Life magazine.




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