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auchinleck close

auchinleck close

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A meeting arranged by Kirkburn Parish Council to discuss the proposed development of 38 houses on land to the East of 196/197 Auchinleck Close, Driffield. was well attended by approximately 35 residents.

Also attending were Alec Cammish and Charles Ward for the developer Peter Ward Homes and East Riding of Yorkshire Ward Councillors Symon Fraser and Felicity Temple.

Residents were concerned about the potential effect on existing properties of the proposed raising of the levels of the development site. Residents were very worried that the proposed infill of the site to enable this development to take place would impact on the current drainage routes for both ground and surface water runoff, increasing flood risks to existing properties.

Concerns were also expressed over the failure of the proposals to understand how wet the proposed site is and specific concerns were raised over the failure of the developer to show a spring which is on the area.

There were major concerns from a significant number of residents relating to the capacity of the existing foul water system to cater for the existing number of houses and a real fear that any additional output of foul water from the proposed houses would cause problems both for new residents and occupiers of existing homes.

Residents have concerns over the robustness of the ground works done for existing dwellings and gardens stating that significant erosion and ground shrinkage had taken place, causing problems for existing residents and there was an expression of a lack of confidence in the developer’s ability to cater for this in any new development.

Disappointment was expressed in the failure of the design of the proposals to include for any provision of renewable energy and the lack of ECO features for the dwellings. Further concerns were raised relating to the lack of shade provision by tree planting.

There were concerns about the density of the development of 38 homes per hectare when the current standard is a lower 30/hectare.

On the subject of traffic, residents question the suitability of the existing feeder roads to cater for the increased traffic likely to arise from this site with particular concerns over the safety and effectiveness of the junction with the main A614 road. Residents also raised concerns over the stated capacity for parking on both the existing properties and the proposed properties. The residents contend that the garages are too small to contain a car and allow the driver to get out and therefore do not constitute a parking space. Futhermore, they also state that the driveways are too short and do not enable off street parking without pedestrians having to walk on the highway to avoid parked vehicles.

Residents expressed concerns over the use of shared use roadways which do not make separate provision for pedestrians and vehicles.

Specific concerns were raised over the siting of plots one, eleven and twelve, these being in very close proximity to existing dwelling/gardens and the serious detrimental effect that the proposed dwellings may have on existing residents.

Concerns were also expressed over the provision of turning areas for LGVs, Service Vehicles and Emergency Vehicles.

A number of residents had a serious lack of local confidence in the developer’s ability to deliver homes of a quality which will enhance the neighbourhood overall.

Ward Members we are asking that:

The Developer re-commences the process for the development of this site enabling a full consultation with the community to take place before final proposals are drawn up and/ or submitted. Only through doing this will the existing residents be able to have confidence that their legitimate concerns have been considered and addressed.

Yorkshire Water are asked to confirm categorically that the capacity of the sewage system and surface water drainage system serving the wider Auchinleck area are able to serve both the existing housing and the proposed additional housing.

The configuration of the junction with the main A614 road is re-considered and re-designed to make sure that it is future proofed and suitable to serve both the proposals for Auchinleck Close and those to the North of the main road on the Alamein Barracks/ RAF Driffield wider site and that these works are funded through Developer contributions.

That the Developer re-consider the layout of the proposed new site to ensure that the proposals do not detract from the amenity and environs of existing residents.

That the flood risks for the wider neighbourhood are assessed and that measures are taken to ensure that any development does not increase the risks for existing properties.

We ask that should this site be deemed suitable for development that the developer puts in place transport plans to ensure that construction traffic causes the minimum disruption for existing residents. Also that the Developers adopt a “considerate and conciliatory “ working practice on site ensuring that the impact of construction works are minimised for existing residents.

Councillor Symon Fraser said, “This is a classic case of the Developer failing to consult with the community who are going to be affected by these proposals. It really would have been useful for all of the local concerns to have been aired and considered properly before an application was submitted. If this had been done then I am sure that the existing residents would have been able to constructively contribute to the proposals and a much better scheme could have been put forward”.

Councillor Felicity Temple added, “ The local residents raised perfectly legitimate concerns and sadly the two representatives of the Developer were almost completely unable to provide any sensible information to allay the fears of the neighbourhood. We are grateful to Kirkburn Parish Council for arranging the meeting and hope that with a renewed approach and a much more open attitude perhaps a better proposal could be brought forward.

Coun Fraser concluded: “We will be both writing to the Developers directly, putting our request to them and submitting these issues raised as comments and concerns to the existing application. It is important that if anyone has concerns that they also write to the ERYC Planning Department at County Hall Beverley HU17 9BA giving their views and quoting the application number which is 14/00813/STPLF.”

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