Driffield foodbank needs your support

Angela Train, Steve Sissons, Sue Gough, Ruth Fulham, Linda Gaughan

Angela Train, Steve Sissons, Sue Gough, Ruth Fulham, Linda Gaughan

The Driffield Food bank has been running now since Autumn 2013 and the volunteers who run the Driffield Foodbank would like to thank everyone in the town for continuing to generously give to it.

Sadly, in the current economic climate more and more families are finding themselves in hardship, many through no fault of their own and are struggling to put food on their tables.

These situations can come about through sudden unemployment, increasing interest on debts and mortgages or changes in benefits and are affecting more people.

It is often called a ‘hidden hunger’ as many of these people live in large houses and drive big cars so would not strike you as being in need when in fact some are desperate.

The foodbank is open every Monday 1.30pm to 3pm and Thursday 2pm to 4pm and the food is given out on a voucher system.

If you need food then the vouchers can be obtained from social services, the childrens centre or the church leaders.

There are donation boxes in all the churches and the council offices and there is now also a donation bin in Tesco. Tesco have kindly provided this bin for people to donate items that they have bought in the store. Tesco have also kindly pledged to top up each full bin by 30%. Any item you can donate will be greatly appreciated, the food bank is supporting many families in the town who are in great need and a constant supply of items is always needed. Just one extra item in your basket really does make a difference. The list of items required is on the donation bins and can also be found on the churches together website www.churchestogether.org/driffield. As well as the items on this list there is an urgent need at present for baby food and nappies.


The Driffield Foodbank is taking part in the national foodbank collection in collaboration with Tesco on Thursday 3, Friday 4 and Saturday 5 July from 9am to 5pm.

On these days there will be volunteers in Tesco’s entrance handing out shopping lists and leaflets and collecting the donations.

Tesco are kindly providing all the publicity material including banners, posters and shopping lists but lots of volunteers are needed to cover all the shifts which will hopefully be of 2 hours each. People and cars will also be needed to collect the food from Tesco on Saturday evening from 5pm to bring it to the Foodbank, to sort, label and store it.

Tesco staff will help by manning the table from 5pm and again they will generously top up the collection by a further 30%!

If you could spare a couple of hours to help at all on any of these dates please contact Rev Andrew Ison on 257712 or Angela Train on 252230

Thanks again to Tesco and to everyone who helps support the Food bank in giving of their time, money or food.




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