Dementia training for EYMS staff

dementure awareness

dementure awareness

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Staff at Hull-based East Yorkshire Motor Services have recently joined forces with the Hull Dementia Academy with a view to incorporating dementia awareness in the disability awareness training that is a regular feature of the EYMS and Scarborough and District training programme and part of the training received by all EYMS drivers and other staff dealing with customers.

The City of Hull has recently been announced as one of the UK’s leading cities for increasing awareness and understanding of dementia and for helping local firms to train staff to recognise the symptoms in customers and to react accordingly.

According to the Dementia Action Alliance, EYMS is one of the first UK bus companies to take this on board as part of their training programmes and the company was recently awarded a certificate from the Hull Dementia Academy to recognise EYMS’ involvement in this initiative.

“The Academy is very excited that EYMS has signed up to provide dementia awareness training to its drivers and other staff. This is a landmark in the drive to help Hull become a dementia friendly community” said Louise Eastwood, Older People Mental Health Team Manager, Hull City Council.

Darren Kendrew, Training Manager for EYMS and Scarborough and District, said “I am delighted to be taking the initial steps in enhancing the Company’s training courses for the benefit of EYMS staff and the wider community”.

Whilst many forms of disability are very obvious to bus drivers, people suffering with dementia are often not so apparent but still have considerable difficulties when using public transport and EYMS Chairman, Peter Shipp, said “I think it is very important that our drivers, and indeed our other staff, are made aware of the genuine problems for dementia sufferers, trained to recognise this and offer help accordingly.”

Pic shows commercial manager Bob Rackley, training manager Darren Kendrew and member of the training and customer services team with their course certificates

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