Degradation of Beverley Market Place

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In December I received a letter from the East Riding Council regarding various proposals and alterations to a children’s play area on the Swinemoor Estate.

I feel that not only was this cost unnecessary but that ERYC show no real respect for the concerns of Beverley residents and I declined to comment. My reasons being that experience tells me that the ERYC would not take any notice of my feelings on this issue any way, just as they have ignored public opinion and requests to leave the market place as it is.

With regard to the work that has been carried out so far, this is such a dreadful mess with serious slips and trips hazards (if any councillor would like to meet me and critique the footways then I am more than willing to meet with them). The work and materials are inferior in quality and not durable at all. No value for money either.

I know from my own previous experience of being in a wheelchair when they were first laid I would prefer to travel over the setts!

Some years ago the people of Beverley were asked to vote on the proposed creation of a piazza, this was rejected, because we are in beautiful Yorkshire and not in Italy.

This was rejected because it would mean the removal of the setts and the loss of parking spaces it would also I am sure have an effect in a reduction in the number of visitors. Now it seems an attempt is being tried to carry this out under the guise of “repairs and maintenance”.

There is no need to increase the size of pavements the existing ones are wide enough to carry the footfall and even an increased one.

Finally can I say that it would be nce to see common sense prevail and some thought be given to the feelings of the people of Beverley and its visitors.

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