Council steps up tree replacement plan

Gillian Nicholson

Gillian Nicholson

East Riding Council are pushing ahead with plans to replace three large trees on New Walkergate to the dismay of one local resident who is campaigning to save them.

The plan to remove two London plane trees and an apple tree and a maple tree close to Railway Street, was first mooted in August with he council saying roots were damaging the surrounding pavements and causing trip hazards.

Since then East Riding Council has formalised a plan to remove the two plane trees and Norwegian maple and replace them with more suitable trees.

An eight week public consultation period begins this month, and the council are hopeful that the trees could be removed before the bird nesting season begins in March.

However New Walkergate resident Gillian Nicholson, who launched a ‘Save Our Trees’ poster campaign in the summer, believes the council will make a big mistake if the trees are removed.

“The roots are not interfering with the footpath, they have just pushed up some of the tiles around the edge of the trees which were designed to be removed anyway as the trees grew larger.” she said.

“The real reason they are being taken up is because some people have complained that they are blocking out the light and interfering with their TV signal.

“I’m just so frustrated, trees do so much to fight pollution, but it’s no good just one old girl losing her temper over this we need more people to object to the idea.”

Mike Featherby, interim head of streetscene services at East Riding of Yorkshire Council, said: “This was a difficult decision but has been taken in consultation with all Beverley ward members.

“Pruning the existing trees has been investigated but their natural habit is to reach a large size, pruning would also not address the issues with roots.

“It is unfortunate but these are simply the wrong trees for the location and were not originally planted with root control systems. Four new trees will replace the three to be felled.”


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