Council fears over police station closure

Police station

Police station

Town councillors have voiced their concerns amid fears Driffield Police Station will close.

At a meeting of Driffield Town Council on Tuesday 3 December, councillors discussed the possible closure of the police station on Wansford Road following plans by Police and Crime Commissioner for Humberside, Matthew Grove to cut costs.

In a letter written to Driffield Town Council, Mr Grove said: “You may be aware of the current financial changes facing the police force. We need to make savings of around £35m between now and 2018.”

Mr Grove noted that he has tasked the Chief Constable with redesigning the police force to best serve residents with the funds available, yet claimed that communities would not be losing their police stations.

He added: “For those of you that followed our election campaign, you may recall I made a pledge that communities would not lose their police stations, and that is still the case. What I want to see more are police contact points for the public.

“Manned counters in leisure centres, libraries or council offices, meaning better accessibility for residents.”

“Towns will not lose their police stations, but where we can share buildings in the same town to save money and even improve accessibility, we will.”

Councillor Steve Poessl urged his fellow councillors to “be vigilant of what may be happening in the future”.

Coun Poessl said: “It is well known that Skirlaugh’s station has closed and that has moved to the community centre.

“Cottingham is being trialled and is running from offices in different places and that, to me, this is the first step of police stations actually starting to close in larger communities.

“It worries me that Driffield is getting bigger and bigger but we’re getting less and less as a town. We have lost part of our hospital already, the building is still there but we have lost the beds.

“Things such as your policing, your schools and your hospitals are really important to your town and for us to keep the police station open and accessible to everybody, I think, is really important.

“He says nothing will happen without a consultation and I would like to think we are ready for any consultation.

“What I would like to see as a councillor, is to write a letter to Mr Grove to tell him that we are an important town and we do not want to lose our police station. We do not want to see any closures of any kind.”

Driffield Town Council voted all in favour of sending a letter to Matthew Grove.




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