Con man jailed for theft offences

Gavel and scales

Gavel and scales

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A con man has been jailed for 22 months for twice befriending people and stealing their money.

Judge Michael Meetyear told Aiden Darcy, 36, he had committed mean offences on those who had trusted him by stealing cash and jewellery worth nearly £21,000.

Darcy, 36, formerly of South Street, Bridlington, befriend owner Ray Rollinson at the Winston House Hotel staying there after telling them he was homeless. On March 1 he invited the landlord across the road for a drink asking his wife to join him later. At one stage Darcy made to leave and went back to the hotel letting himself in with his keys and going up to the owner’s bedroom. He stole £1,500 she had just received as payment from a guest.

He went to Leeds and spent the lot on drink and new clothes. When he handed himself in at a police station they realised he was wanted for stealing a RSW Ice watch and bracelet worth £19,000 from Stuart Little, in Wetwang in June 2012. He also stole £400 from his Santander bank account after being trusted with his cash card and PIN.

Crown barrister James Byatt said Mr Little had taken pity on Aiden Darcy allowing him to stay at his address. Mr Little went on holiday with his daughter to the United States only to return to find Darcy gone along with valuable jewellery.

Darcy sacked his barrister and refused to co-operate with the probation service. He appeared at Hull Crown Court to be sentenced on April 7.

He told the judge he disagreed with the amount which was stolen from both of his victims He denied there was planning. The court heard he had a string of convictions including burglary and theft from dwellings.

Sentencing Judge Michael Mettyear told Darcy: “These were mean offences committed against people who sort to help you and showed you kindness. You took advantage of them, stole property and left.”

He said he had no choice but to jail him for 22 months.

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