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We were horrified to read of the proposal to tear-up the cobbles which form part of Beverley’s ancient Saturday Market.

Beverley is a lovely town so full of character and charm, so different from the grinding mediocrity and sameness that blights so many of the country’s market towns these days.

To contemplate replacing the cobbles which are such a feature of the market place with mundane concrete blocks beggars belief and would be an act of sheer vandalism.

It would destroy forever the character of the Saturday Market. Surely the preservation of fine features of the market should outweigh the unspecified possibility that the current surface “can cause problems for wheel chair users.”

If correct this situation must have been extant for many years seemingly without cause for excessive concern. Yet another case of the prevalence of health and safety over all other considerations one suspects.

By this argument there would be a case for ripping-up the surface of the Shambles in York or the cobbled areas of the Tower of London. This would be unthinkable, and so it should be in the case of Beverley.

As respectively, an alumnus of Hull University and a Hull-born woman, who both love visiting Beverley whenever we return to the East Riding, we urge the Council to think again and abandon this proposal.

Yours faithfully,

Malcolm and Juliet Fortnam

St. Thomas Road

Lytham St. Annes


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