Beverley vandals told ‘stop damaging flower displays’

Wednesday Market, Beverley.

Wednesday Market, Beverley.

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Beverley in Bloom organisers are urging town vandals to stop targeting their flower displays, which are costing the tax payer ‘needless money’.

A number of incidents have occurred recently in Beverley, mostly at weekends, with volunteers at Beverley in Bloom having to replace the damaged displays.

The latest event happened on Friday 28 June, after only being in position for four days, a three tier planter situated on the footpath at the corner of Lairgate and Landress Lane was wantonly pushed over onto the road.

More than 60 plants were stolen with the rest being unable to be reused.

Coordinator for Beverley in Bloom, Peter Tomkys, said: “It took two of our members three hours on Saturday afternoon to repair the damage and replant up again. We try to give pleasure to the residents and visitors of Beverley and are at a loss to understand the actions of the people responsible for these acts of vandalism and theft.”

The problem is not new with the police being involved in a number of cases though no convictions have been made.

Elderly residents living in Almshouses belonging to Beverley Consolidated Charity, have had solar lights, garden ornaments and plants stolen from their garden while Regal Corner and Wednesday Market has been identified as a place targeted by vandals.

Peter said: “The vandals think that their actions are aiming towards the council when, in fact, they only part fund the group and are wasting valuable tax payers money. I think there must be someone in Beverley with a beautiful garden.”

If anyone has any information about the incidents, they are urged to inform the Town Council.

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