Beauty spot blighted by cars

Bryan Pearson

Bryan Pearson

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Beverley’s picturesque Westwood is in danger of becoming a giant car park because of workers who leave cars there all day, according to a Tory councillor.

Dozens of motorists park their vehicles on a daily basis at the much loved beaty spot - churning up the grass and causing problems for visitors, according to East Riding of Yorkshire Councillor Bryan Pearson.

He is demanding action to curb the problem.

He said: “These are not people who have arrived in their cars to walk dogs or to have a picnic – vehicles are being left all day.

“I appreciate that a large number of workers drive in to Beverley each morning, so finding a space can be tricky. But parking in a way that churns up the landscape and causes problems for visitors to the Westwood is not the answer

He said: “This is a difficult matter to enforce, but I think it is important that ERYC and Beverley Town Council work with the Pasture Masters to see what can be done to stop the Westwood being turned into a giant car park each morning.

“I will be contacting partners at these organisations to see how we can take this forward.”

Beverley has a notorious reputation for its horrendous parking problems - and free, conveniently located parking spaces are at a premium.

Coun Pearson said he observed the problems at the Westwood himself after a number of concerned residents got in touch with ward councillors.

When he visited the Pasture, at the Westwood Road entrance to town, on a Thursday morning he saw cars beginning to arrive from 7am. By 10am there were approximately 28 vehicles parked on the left hand side of the road and around 15 on the right.

When he returned at 4pm the majority of cars were still there.

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