Baby rescued after being locked inside car for more than an hour in Beverley

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Beverley Neighbourhood Sergeant Jonathan Roe became the hero to a little girl after he rescued her from a locked car.

An 18-month old little girl had been safely strapped into her car seat in the back of her mums Vauxhall Corsa car, in Tescos car park, Beverley, when the car accidentally locked, leaving the little girl and the car keys inside the vehicle and mum outside in the car park.

Mum, a 41-year-old Beverley lady made every effort to open her car and recruited the assistance of her father who brought an array of tools to help break into the car.

Despite a hammer, sharp instruments and other tools he brought to the Beverley Tesco car park to gain entry to the car, the windows refused to break and they rang the police.

The little girl was suitably dressed for winter, and as Sergeant Roe arrived, the clouds had parted and the temperature inside the car was rising upwards of 17 degrees.

The little girl was showing signs of distress and was clearly heavily sweating having being sat inside the car for over an hour, indicating she was possibly overheating and suffering from dehydration.

Sgt Roe, along with Special Constable Beasley made the decision, time was of the essence and after repeat attempts smashed the drivers side window and rescued the little girl.

When the little girl was removed from the car, she was given first aid from the officers and water poured over her to reduce her temperature. The toddler did not require hospital treatment.

A happy ending to a very stressful situation.

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