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jane evison

jane evison

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The next phase of the Wander – Art on the Yorkshire Wolds Way - is about to begin with the launch of a steering group for the project on Sober Hill, close to the villages of Newbald and Sancton. The site chosen for the artwork is by an Ordnance Survey Triangulation Point.

The project is seeking volunteers to steer the project from an idea through the design to the final construction phase. The group will set the brief and invite artists to pitch for the project. The group will continue to work with the artist through the design and installation phase.

If you would be interested in being nominated to join the steering group, contact Gordon Scaife, principal, leisure, tourism and culture policy officer, on (01482) 391676 or email

The project team are particularly keen for residents in Newbald and Sancton to volunteer but also from anyone who enjoys walking in the Yorkshire Wolds. The steering group meets seven times.

Councillor Jane Evison, cabinet portfolio holder for economy, investment and inequalities at East Riding of Yorkshire Council, said: “Wander – Art on the Yorkshire Wolds Way - is a unique and exciting project bringing art to a wider audience and encouraging more visitors to explore the Yorkshire Wolds.

“The aim is to bring an added interest to the national trail and increase the number of visitors and walkers to this beautiful area, which is surprisingly England’s least walked national trail. By increasing the number of visitors and walkers we can continue to provide economic benefits and opportunities for local businesses.”

The overall aim of the project is install 10 artworks at key points along the 78-mile long national trail. Four have been completed so far.

Each artwork is funded from external sources, in the past this has included Arts Council England and LEADER Coast, Wolds and Wetlands.

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