A hundred familiar faces meet up for Westwood hospital reunion

Beverley Westwood Hospital Staff Reunion

Beverley Westwood Hospital Staff Reunion

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Over 100 former employees of Beverley’s Westwood 
Hospital gathered for a 
special reunion at the weekend to share stories and memories of their time there.

It was an emotional day as former colleagues flocked to the reunion at Hodgsons on Flemingate on Saturday, 
with some holding back a tear or two. A storyboard was put together of photographs and other memorabilia which provided interesting talking points for everyone.

Allan Rowlands, who organised the reunion, said: “When Carol Dickson and I first talked of organising the Westwood Hospital Reunion it was on the Beverley Group hosted on Facebook, I don’t think that we expected quite how popular the event would become!

“We had many messages from people that once worked at The Westwood Hospital but could not attend for lots of reasons. Many had moved to far flung parts of the country some to other parts of the world. I think that the farthest away was from Pat Kay who worked as a nurse on the Special Care Baby Unit, now living in The USA. I remember the Westwood Hospital as a friendly environment where everyone got on and worked well together as one team.

“When services at the Westwood and Cottage Hospitals started to be run down and transferred in the 1980s there were many solid arguments put to the responsible bodies to try and maintain a fully serviced Hospital in the rapidly expanding Town of Beverley.

“However our case was lost and most General services transferred to Castle Hill and Hull in and around 1990 to be followed by Maternity services later in the 1990s. We are being urged to organise another reunion perhaps in couple of years, so here’s to the next time we all get together.”

During the Reunion a raffle was run by the charity N.U.R.S.E. (Needed Urgent Remedial and Surgical Equipment) raising £88 which will be spent on essential equipment that would not otherwise be funded for in local hospitals.

If you would like to order any pictures from the Beverley Guardian call 01377 249800.

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