192 prosecuted for speeding in wake of police campaign

Humberside Police

Humberside Police

A motorcycle casualty reduction campaign, which runs across the whole of the Humberside area, has this year seen 192 people prosecuted for speeding offences.

Operation Achillies, which has run since 2004 and was ‘Highly Commended’ by the Prince Michael International award scheme for road safety, has seen another successful year in helping to reduce motorcycle related collisions on the regions roads.

Using a combination of education, enforcement and engineering tactics, between 2004 - 2011 Humberside police have reduced the yearly number of bikers killed or seriously injured on its roads.

Nationally, motorcycles make up 1% of all motorised traffic on the roads but their users account for 39% of all those killed or seriously injured as motorised vehicle drivers or riders.

This year between March and October 2013, 196 people were prosecuted for travelling in excess of the speed limit on roads across the East Riding. These roads included the A166, B1253 and the A614. 48 of the people stopped were travelling in excess of 85mph and were summonsed to court. A further 126 people were offered the opportunity to take part in a once day course which highlights the vulnerability and perception of motorcycle riders.

To help provide further support for Operation Achilles within the East Riding of Yorkshire, funding has been provided by East Riding of Yorkshire Council , to enable officers to use a high profile, unmarked ‘camera bike’ - a Suzuki GSX1300-R ‘Hayabusa’. This is key in capturing evidence of dangerous or antisocial driving or riding specific to the East Riding.

Other enforcement tactics such as highly visible traffic patrols and other unmarked vehicles have been used throughout 2013 on routes that have a high rate of killed or seriously injured. This includes rural routes within the East Riding and North Lincolnshire and commuter routes within the Hull area.

Along with Operation Achilles, Humberside Police also fully supports an education scheme for motorcyclist called BikeSafe (another Prince Michael International Road Safety award winner). The purpose of BikeSafe is to engage with bikers and encourage them to take structured training. The police led workshops use advanced riders to deliver observed ride-outs and class room based theory sessions.

Local dealers will be supporting the BikeSafe initiative with sponsor bikes and for the first time Humberside Fire and Rescue Service will be assisting in the delivery of the scheme. The scheme also enjoys support from the Institute of Advanced Motorists, (IAM), Royal Society for the prevention of accident (RoSPA) and the Enhanced Rider Scheme Trainer ‘Ideal motorcycle training’

Casualty Reduction Officer for the East Riding: PC Simon Carlisle said: “Operation ACHILLES uses an unmarked, high performance motorcycle to pursue and detect the high speeds of motorcyclists. Once stopped the offenders are then given the opportunity to view their riding. This enables officers to point out offences and instances of poor riding.

“This year we have also detected a number of cars who have been travelling at high speed. Those drivers were also subject to a prosecution.

“The Summer of 2013 brought with it some very warm and dry weather, perfect for a day out on a motorcycle. It is pleasing to see that even as a result of all of the good weather we had under 200 prosecutions. This shows the message is getting out to people and we are targeting the correct areas.

“Humberside Police, in partnership with Safer Roads Humber, will be continuing to run Operation ACHILLIES in 2014 to help further reduce the number of motorcycle casualties on the regions roads.”




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