NBEV Bike ps1325-3a Eco Biker Beverley Pictured By Pam Stanforth ps1325-3a George McManus, Ray Duggleby

NBEV Bike ps1325-3a Eco Biker Beverley Pictured By Pam Stanforth ps1325-3a George McManus, Ray Duggleby

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A Beverley gardener who trimmed a hedge was turned away from a recycling site with trailor packed with cuttings - because he arrived on a bicycle.

East Riding of Yorkshire Council officials told Ray Duggleby that only motorised vehices were allowed on the site at Weel for health and safety reasons.

Mr Duggleby said only wish was to do the right thing when he trimmed the hedge at the back of his home on the town’s Swinemoor Estate because the brown waste bin supplied by the council for garden waste was already full.

Mr Duggleby is a keen cyclist and decided to adapt his trailer in order to allow him to attach it to his bicycle.

He cycled to the Council’s re-cyling centre but was shocked when he was turned away. He said that he was told: “You’re only allowed in if you’re towing your trailer using a car.”

He said: “I like to cycle, it’s good for the environment and I don’t believe in fly tipping.”

A council spokesman said that Weel site is a very busy one with a constant flow of traffic. For this reason there would be concern for a cyclist who is moving around among cars and vans especially when they are reversing. Mr Duggleby will have been advised for his own safety not use a bicycle on the site.

George McManus, the Labour Party Parliamentary Spokesman for Beverley said: “Ray contacted me and asked if I could help, so I checked it out and it’s true. The Council say that for Health and Safety reasons, he’s not allowed to drop his waste at the site by bicycle. They say they’d be worried for him because of vehicle movements on site even although people walk across the site all the time and the maximum speed of cars is in the region of 5mph.’

“Ray is an example to us all. He is s true eco-warrior. By cycling he’s keeping down his carbon footprint. By taking his waste to a proper site he’s having it re-cycled. By refusing to fly tip, he’s helping to keep Beverley tidy.

Mr McManus added: “The Council should be encouraging people like Ray not putting him off. In order to get to the site he cycles along roads with 40mph speed limits and yet he’s not allowed to go to the re-cycling centre. If the site is unsuitable for people like Ray, then the Council should find somewhere else. Or they could just show some

common sense and change the rules.”

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