Food warning as rats seek shelter - IN YOUR HOUSE



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East Riding of Yorkshire Council is warning that this is the time of year when rats and mice move closer to homes and businesses in the search for food and warmth.

During the winter months, there are more calls to the council to help deal with rodents than at any other time of the year.

Paul Bellotti, head of housing, transportation and public protection, said: “Rats and mice are on the move at this time of the year looking for food and the need for shelter in bad weather.

“They are encouraged when people drop food in the street or discard fast food on an evening out. In this area another major food source is that put out for birds.

“If rodents find there is a steady food supply they hang around and look for a nearby building where they can nest. This gives them ideal conditions to live and breed.

“The best advice is to use the litter bins for unwanted takeaway food and not to over-feed the birds. Put out just enough bird food in the morning and then clean up so there is nothing left to entice rodents.”

Between the four months from November 2012 to March 2013 the council received 227 reports of rats and 100 reports of mice. The council offers a paid-for service that is available by calling (01482) 396301.

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