MEP sees new energy technology jobs growth across region in 2014



With unemployment falling and business confidence in Yorkshire & Humber at a ten-year high, the region’s longest-serving MEP, Edward McMillan-Scott (Liberal Democrat) had pre-Christmas meetings with Lord Haskins, chair of the Humber Local Enterprise Partnership and Sheffield City Region chair James Newman.

He also visited cutting-edge firms.

“The region’s new Local Enterprise Partnerships are really bringing together business commitment, academic and local authority expertise and softening the North/South divide, putting both UK and EU public funding to create jobs and develop new energy technologies.” said McMillan-Scott, after meeting apprentices at York College.

At Croda’s Hull site, McMillan-Scott was shown around the UK’s biggest producer of specialist amides (slip additives for a wide range of uses), produced from oilseed rape. Over 40 per cent of the site’s energy needs come from a wind turbine. At the Spencer Group, McMillan-Scott was shown the model for the Hull’s Energy Works project, which has received nearly £20 million EU funding for its energy from waste plant.




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