Heating upgrade benefits 200 homes

heat pumps

heat pumps

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Driffield’s East Riding of Yorkshire Councillors have welcomed the authority’s investment in new technologies and energy reducing heating systems for council houses.

More than two hundred Council houses across the East Riding have been fitted with Air Source Heat Pumps bringing significant savings to the residents.

Councillor Symon Fraser commented, “The heat pumps are a relatively new technology in domestic housing, they basically extract heat from the air and use this energy to heat the domestic water and heating systems.

“They are particularly cost effective in houses which do not have access to mains gas so the Council has fitted them in village locations like Garton on the Wolds.

“By managing the finances of the Council‘s housing in a prudent way we are able to continue to invest in both new homes and in improving existing Council housing.”

Councillor Felicity Temple said: “It’s great to see that new systems are being used to make a real difference to peoples living standards, these Air Source Heat Pumps are bringing reliable heating at an affordable cost to residents in villages around Driffield,

“I completely welcome this investment.”

Mrs Anita Gomez of Station Road Garton on the Wolds said: “We’ve been in our house since November and we are very impressed with the heat pump system.

“It’s just like any other system it come on night and morning to heat the water and then only cuts in when needed to heat the radiators”.

Mr Douglas Bundy of Church View Garton added: “For simplicity you can’t beat it and I find it really efficient.

“I have it on a set programme and I just leave the machine to get on with the job, you’ll only get problems if you mess with the controls.

“I get my heating, cooking, lighting, all my energy for less than sixty pounds a month and I’m really pleased with that.”

Councillor Barbara Hall said: “It is vital that residents are able to heat their homes properly and this can be especially difficult for those who live in the scattered villages which do not have mains gas.

“There are so many health and quality of life benefits from an investment like this.

“It is great that the Council’s housing account can do this without it impacting on the general council tax payer”.

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