From farmers’ market to Fortnum and Mason

mark pennington

mark pennington

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Bee keeper Mark Pennington, from Kirby Grindalythe, has gone from selling his produce at local farmers markets to selling at the London store, Fortnum and Mason.

After keeping bees as a hobby for many years Mark decided to expand his hives and to start selling the honey. As his hives are kept on the Yorkshire Wolds he decided to name the business Yorkshire Wolds Bees. However, he realised that he needed other items to sell and looked into making honey related products. His wife, Alison, started to make Honey Tablet which was a success on their market stalls and this prompted Mark to look into further produce he could make. He hit on the idea of making Honey Marmalades and he makes Orange and Honey; Orange, Ginger and Honey; and the award winningLemon and Honey.

In February this year Mark entered one variety of his marmalade into the World Marmalade Awards which this year attracted more than 2000 entries from as far afield as Australia, the Philippines, South Africa, Japan and South Korea. On 1st March it was announced that he had won the Double Gold Award for his Honey and Lemon Marmalade. Mark was amazed that his marmalade had won as he had been reluctant to enter the competition and it was only after family persuasion that he finally agreed to enter the Lemon and Honey Marmalade.


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