East Yorkshire schools book trend in national bird survey



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A UK-wide survey of birds in school grounds has revealed the blackbird is the most common playground visitor – but it is a different story in East Yorkshire where the black-headed gull is at the top of the table.

85% of schools that took part in the national RSPB Big Schools’ Birdwatch survey saw blackbirds, with an average of five birds seen per school, slightly down on 2013 figures. Although an average of five blackbirds was recorded per school in East Yorkshire, the bird took second place – as an average of eleven per school was recorded for the black-headed gull.

This is in contrast to the national results, in which the black-headed gull dropped from third to sixth place – the most significant change in national rankings compared with last year. Just 35% of schools nationally recorded black-headed gulls in 2014, contrasting with 75% the previous year.


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