Clear up begins at Spurn and Welwick

Spurn Point following the tidal surge earlier this month

Spurn Point following the tidal surge earlier this month

Yorkshire Wildlife Trust is facing a large clear up operation at its nature reserves on the Outer Humber, including Spurn National Nature Reserve. Last week’s tidal surge caused massive damage, and change, to the Trust’s properties, and as the water starts to recede, the clear up has begun in earnest.

Rob Stoneman, Chief Executive of Yorkshire Wildlife Trust said “Our thoughts are with our neighbours in the Holderness area, many of whom have been seriously affected by the tidal surge last week. We are part of the coastal community and will be working closely with the Environment Agency and other partners to try and repair damage and protect against future flooding. The situation at Welwick is particularly urgent given widespread damage to the main Humber floodbank at our nature reserve.”

Tragically, the Trust’s losses also include some of our Hebridean sheep used to graze the grasslands on the Spurn peninsular. The sheep had been moved to a part of the site which was thought to be safe from flooding. The force of the surge punched through the protective flood bank and inundated the area and it looks like some of the sheep got caught on the wrong side of a new creek that has been formed in the wake of the tidal surge.

Dr Stoneman continues; “We are devastated by the loss of part of our Hebridean herd. Naturally, animal welfare is of paramount importance to us and for this to happen is a huge tragedy for the animals and our staff and volunteers who looked after them. “

Yorkshire Wildlife Trust has been assisting its tenants at Spurn, Associated British Ports and the RNLI, in order to get utilities reconnected following the storm. The peninsular has changed dramatically and a long stretch of the site will now wash over at high tide. The Trust is working with engineers to try and assess how safe the remaining sections of road are. While major works and the clean up are taking place at Spurn, the Trust is asking the public not to visit. Updates will be provided on the Trust’s website www.ywt.org.uk.




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