11,600 homes at risk of flooding in Beverley area



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More than 11,600 homes in the Beverley and Holderness area remain at risk of flooding, it has been revealed this week.

For 2,154 of those, the risk of flooding is significant.

According to an analysis of Environment Agency data released by Friends of the Earth, there are 306,465 homes at flood risk in Yorkshire and the Humber as a whole.

This includes 44525 homes which have been judged by the Environment Agency to be at significant risk.

A further 1,468 homes are at risk of flooding across the rest of East Yorkshire – 152 of those at significant risk.

Nationally, over 6,000 homes have been affected by the winter floods. However, the figures show there is a much larger number of properties in the UK that could face flooding in future.

This is a concern as climate change is set to make flooding more widespread.

The Government’s own Climate Change Risk Assessment estimates almost one million UK homes could be at significant flood risk by the 2020s, up from the 370,000 currently at significant risk nationwide.

Friends of the Earth Yorkshire and Humber Campaigner, Simon Bowens, said: “Flooding is devastating for anyone that is affected by it and as a country we must do much more to prepare for the impacts of climate change. Without proper investment in flood defences, hundreds of thousands more homes could be put at risk of flooding.

“We are asking the region’s MPs to support the call for flood defences in line with the risks posed by climate change, and for more investment to make homes energy efficient, switch to renewable energy and get off climate-changing and polluting fossil fuels.”

Hull North MP, Diana Johnson said: “It’s clear that with so much more of the country now at risk of flooding, due to the rising sea levels and the greater regularity of volatile and extreme weather caused by climate change, we cannot afford to just write off whole communities, businesses and the property markets in large population centres such as Hull if we want to see our economy growing on a sustainable basis.”

Selby & Ainsty MP, Nigel Adams said: “Protecting homes is a priority for this Government so I am pleased to see the increased budget for defences.”

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