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Driffield town councillors have voiced concern that some school children may no longer be permitted to attend Driffield Show.

As previously reported, new Government policy has tightened rules over school absences.

Under the new policy called the Absence from School for Exceptional Circumstances, school children are only allowed to have time away from school for events such as bereavement, serious illness and family weddings – but not for agricultural shows.

Head teachers at some schools said they would not be approving leave for Driffield show.

Children at Driffield School and the Junior School will get to go however, as staff believe the event provides a worthwhile experience.

Deputy mayor Coun Matt Rogers expressed deep concern during a meeting of the authority that local schools were, due to government attendance policy, in danger of not permitting their pupils to attend Driffield Show and recording their absence as unauthorised.

Coun Rogers explained that some schools were not going to follow this procedure, however.

It was agreed with all in favour that the town council should write to the local education authority, the East Riding of Yorkshire Council, requesting that they sanction all local schools, both primary and secondary, to sanction a shut down on Driffield Show day so that those children who wish to attend could do so without risk of registering an unauthorised absence.

Coun Mark Blakeston further reported that the educational element of the Show was growing rapidly and that schools from all over the region attended.

This year’s Driffield Show takes place on Wednesday July 16. As usual, it will feature a wide selection of classes aimed at showcasing the talents of local pupils.

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