A special visitor to the school

a'Linda Laird Driffield Junior School Pictured by Pam Stanforth

a'Linda Laird Driffield Junior School Pictured by Pam Stanforth

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On Friday 16 May Kevin Hall, the Director of Children, Families and Schools for the East Riding of Yorkshire Council, visited Driffield Junior School to introduce himself and to have a look around the site.

The Director is relatively new to his role and hasn’t worked in this authority before so he seemed keen to visit every school as soon as possible. Apparently we were his 38th school so far – well over 100 to go.

I was mightily impressed to receive the phone call as I have never had a visit from previous Directors in any of the schools I have worked in.

After a discussion over a cup of coffee I proudly showed Mr Hall around the school, pointing out what we feel makes us special and distinctive from other schools, as well as taking him to look at the outside space. He was very impressed with how well maintained the school is and he could see what fantastic facilities there are for the children. I was able to tell him how different the school is now compared to when I worked here 15 years ago as well as even further back to when I was here as a pupil; it really is a superb learning environment with a tremendous staff team and friendly, well-motivated children.

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