37 Driffield School pupils enjoy field trip to Iceland



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A group of tired but happy Sixth Form Geography and Environmental Science students arrived back into the country on Saturday 29th March after an amazing week long fieldtrip to the unique and exciting country of Iceland.

A total of 37 students accompanied by three staff headed off from Heathrow (after a nail-biting race against time to get there courtesy of M1 road works) on Monday 24th arriving on the lunar-like surface of Iceland to be greeted by horizontal rain. The first stop was a short trip to the Blue Lagoon where the group enjoyed a couple of hours bathing in the geothermal waters, chilling in the sauna (!) and using the silica mud available to undergo skin treatments.

Subsequent days saw the students visit a host of Iceland’s most amazing natural wonders. They had the opportunity to walk through the rifts where Iceland is being torn apart by tectonic forces, standing in one continent and then taking the short trip to the other side of the rift to stand in a different continent. The students witnessed exploding geysers; some choosing to take a short shower by standing downwind from the eruption, walked behind huge waterfalls and investigated caves created by huge lava flows.

A visit to an eruption centre and farm that rest beneath the imposing Eyjafjallajökull volcano and glacier proved inspiring as did a hike to the top of Skogarfoss (Iceland’s biggest waterfall) to witness the power of the glacial melt water. The highlight as ever proved to be the glacier walk as the whole group were kitted out with safety equipment prior to a two hour hike on the Solheimjokull glacier, an experience never to be forgotten. The trip was packed with many other highlights prior to a final shopping visit to the capital of Iceland, Reykijavik where students had the opportunity to sample their world famous hotdogs before heading back to the airport to return home exhausted but happy.

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