Council offers free replacement furniture and household goods to flood victims



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East Riding of Yorkshire Council is asking those affected by flooding in early December to put in bids for households items.

The items are being offered on a daily basis through a government scheme set up in response to the current flooding in the south.

The scheme publicises offers of national assistance being made by companies and volunteer organisations, and councils are biding for the items on behalf of their residents.

Daily, the government is issuing to councils a new list of goods on offer from donors, including Sainsburys, Adsa, Dixons, Nestle, B&Q. Donated items include cleaning items, kettles, toasters, fridges, wellington boots, food and drink.

Paul Abbott, the council’s public protection services group manager, said: “The list is changing daily, so the best thing residents can do is contact us and tell us what they still need and we can keep an eye on the list in case those items come up.

“There is no clue as to what will be on the list the next day so it is best if flood affected residents get in touch with us so we can keep a list of what is needed in East Riding.

“The numbers of any one item on offer through the service are not great bearing in mind the numbers that have been affected. They are also taken on a first-come first served basis. We want to make sure, though that our residents get a look in and having our own list to hand will help us bid for what is on offer. No indication has been given as to how long this service will continue.”

Those who have been affected by flooding and still in need of items should contact the council on (01482) 6396301 or email

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